The CA Renovations Roofing Procedure:

How we Get Started

After your local township building department issues you a permit, CA Renovation will begin your project. The first step of action is to bring the materials to the job site.

Cleanup Process

CA Renovations never leaves a mess! We deliver a roll off container to dispose of all garbage, waste and debris after the job is done. We take pride in treating your property as if it is our own!your home like ours. In addition, we always make sure that your property is protected during the entire project!

Property Protection

Once materials and waste container are delivered and set up, We take necessary steps to protect your home from shingles and debris that will fall from the roof during the removal process.

Remove Old Shingles

The next step is removal of old shingles. This labor intensive process can take time depending on the unique situation, however our team is more than capable of handling the project!

Further Inspections

Once all the old and damaged shingles are removed, our team will thoroughly inspect the deck of your roof looking for rot or moisture. If any damage or rot is discovered, we will replace the wood asap!

Installing the New Roof

After the deck has been inspected / repaired, we apply an under layer. Once that is in place, we begin to add new shingles to your roof. From asphalt to metal and slate our team will get the job done right!

Your Finished Roof!

Your roof is now complete! Enjoy the benefits of having a brand new roof!

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